Quality Home

Quality - The quality of upholstered furniture is concealed within, namely, the supporting structure and the upholstery covering it. The frames are carefully designed in terms of shape and sturdiness so that each is unique. They are planned and assembled to withstand the test of time and hand crafted so that our models can be made to measure.

Uphoistery - The upholstery is the result of authenticresearch and is “built” onto the frame paying particular attention to the workmanship and to the different levels of support of the seat and back cushions for your comfort. Research - Research into quality also extends to the choice of upholstery fabrics… supreme quality leather and fabrics beautifully complement the superb craftsmanship. Expert hands tailor the fabric so that every piece of stitching is a masterpiece in its own right and focus on detail every step of the way.

All Pellizzari models are subject to rigorous quality control inspections to guarantee that the “Quality Home” service is true to its name every time.